3 cups of Forest mind

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Forest mind, innovative finnish concept of self-care, here in Brno.
You can experience it in the forest nearby Brno (reached by public transport).
The exercises of the Forest Mind can help you to slow down but not only. You will have chance to learn simple exercises focused on training skills leading to life balance.
The workshop offers the opportunity to try and take with you short simple exercises leading:
– to calm down, relax
– think about important issues
– recharge the batteries
– ability to be present
– the art of searching for and finding the good in life
Exercises are always balanced with walking in a beautiful forest near Soběšice (Brno) and after trying them you can ideally incorporate them into your life and trips to the forest.
You will also learn:
– about the impact of nature on our physical and mental health
– on the origin of the Finnish method Forest Mind
– about new field around forest therapy
– you might find something you weren’t even looking for!
And because to try it once is not the same as really practicing every now and then, we will meet 3 times – some exercises will be same, some will be new.  Only practicing brings its fruits and you will have chance to experience it on your own…
I look forward meeting you,  I will send more detailed information to those who send the application. If these times don`t match your schedule, we can arrange different times for you as well. If you wish to read more about the method: https://metsamieli.fi/Forestmind-fi/


Martina Holcová (certificated Lead instructor of Forest mind in Czech republic) 
m.holcova@gmail.com, 608854173
Dates: 15.4., 22.4., 29. 4. 2021 (Thursdays)
When: 16: 30 – 18: 30
Where: U Soběšic u Brna
Price for 3 cups of Forest mind: 1500 Kc (60 Euro)


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